Area Rugs Cleaned on Site

Persian, Oriental and Area Rug Cleaners:

Regular “professional” carpet and area rug cleanings will prolong the life, beauty and investment.
Most professional carpet cleaning systems involve the use of high heat, high water pressure, extreme agitation, and intense chemical activity. Most area rugs cannot be safely cleaned using these methods. We believe a more gentle dry extraction process is the safer, more convenient and affordable way clean area rugs.

Rest assured, your rug is in the best hands.

What makes DryTime different from other rug cleaning companies is our expertise and experience. Simply put, we have been specializing in Oriental and area rugs for over 20 years and we know our business exceptionally well. We’ve been dry cleaning rugs since the mid 1990’s—longer than anyone else in the area.

DryTime has more than 20+ years of experience fixing common and complex stain issues on our clients well-loved Oriental, Persian and area rugs. For a fraction of the cost to replace your rug, it may be able to be restored by our rug experts.

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